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There are a number of times when I sit down to re-organize my photos, and I am simply befuddled. Not only do I have zillions of photos that could be organized any number of ways, but also, I have SO MANY food photos. Photo after photo of recipes, delicious food, salads; but some of the photos, maybe even half, never make it to the blog! Sometimes the problem is cooking. Sometimes it’s a lack of inspiration. And other times, it’s laziness, business, botched time management…you know, the usual. I’m going to try to make more of an effort to not only cook and take pictures, but also to post as well.

This past weekend, I moved the last of my belongings out of Ann Arbor. Home for the summer! Before I left, my roommates and I had a grand day of cooking on Saturday. An epic breakfast of mimosas, chocolate chip pancakes, and a delicious egg and black bean concoction that resembled shakshouka (it’s such a fun word to say!)  Friday night, a group of us went out to celebrate one of our roommate’s (Cary’s!) birthday. We decided that in the morning, whenever we woke up, we would make an epic brunch using whatever we had on hand. And that is exactly what we did.

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I’m not going to give exact recipes. This blog is a simple recap of what we came up with. =)

For the shakshouka(ish) dish, we sautéed onions and spicy sausage, cooked some ground turkey, added black beans, added crushed tomatoes (I wanted diced tomatoes, but all we had on hand was crushed!), added spinach, and lots and LOTS of spices! Cumin. Salt. Pepper. Coriander. Cayenne. Lemon. And then…drumroll please…we topped it off with eggs. But we weren’t done yet. We garnished our eggs-beans-tomatoes with a side of avocado, a generous amount of cholula, and crispy oven fried herbed potatoes. It was an incredibly filling, savory, and decadent breakfast. But, as delicious as the eggs were. We still didn’t stop. We also made incredibly fluffy, flavorful pancakes with mounds of chocolate chips. And then, for a final opulent twist, we drank mimosas. It was probably the perfect brunch.

As with any meal, there were a few shortcomings…we were so impatient to eat, we kept pulling the potatoes out of the oven, tasting them, and hoping that our urgency would convince the potatoes to cook with the same pressing urgency that had possessed us. The eggs took forever to cook because there was just too much stuff  in the pan. Next time, I would bake the eggs, find a bigger pan, or just put less stuff. (In all reality, there was way too much crushed tomatoes. It was a Costco sized can.)

You’d think that our meal was the last one for the day. But, it wasn’t. For dinner that night Adrienne and I made some fried veggie rice, white rice, and an awesome chicken stir fry loaded with bok choy, carrots, broccoli, onions, green pepper, yellow pepper, and snap peas.

Overall, I’d think it was a successful foodie Saturday. Wouldn’t you?

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